Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Diabetic Foot Care

Importance of Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetes is a serious medical condition that affects blood glucose levels. Blood glucose levels affect the entire body - even the feet. Diabetes frequently causes nerve damage and numbness or loss of feeling in their feet. This is known as Diabetic Neuropathy. This can lead to a host of problems including serious infections. Fortunately, proper foot care can keep feet clean and healthy. Dr. Patrick Caputo is a Board Certified Holmdel podiatrist, who can help patients with diabetic foot care. 

Tips for Diabetic Foot Care
Avoid serious foot problems with these tips:
  • Monitor feet daily. Inspect them for cuts, blisters, swelling and nail issues.
  • Use a moisturizer daily to prevent dry skin.
  • Wear proper shoe gear; nothing too tight, especially if you have bunions or hammertoes.
  • Wear special diabetic socks, which have extra cushioning and keep feet dry.
  • Avoid walking barefoot. The smallest cut can lead to an infection.
  • Absolutely avoid smoking as this can constrict blood flow to the feet!
  • Keep blood glucose levels under control to avoid complications.
  • See an experienced podiatrist as soon as possible if you develop corns, calluses, or anything that might signal an infection. 
  • See your podiatrist regularly to maintain healthy feet and diagnose any conditions before they become serious.
Give Your Feet the Best Care Possible
Diabetes is a serious illness that can affect your entire body. Don't neglect your feet. Get assistance with diabetic foot care from Dr. Patrick Caputo. He has been involved with Diabetic Foot Clinics and Wound Care Centers at the VA and Bayshore Hospital for over 30 years. Give him a call at (732) 739-3230 or visit us at

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